Sunday, 16 October 2011

Kelly Rowland - Lay It On Me ft. Big Sean

I'm a little obsessed with Kelly Rowland at the moment. I love her on the UK X Factor, she's so feisty and refreshing. And her new music video just makes me love her even more. There are some great shots of her on top of semi-naked kneeling boy toys, not to mention some nice shoe worship. Very hot.

Some screenshots:

Monday, 11 October 2010

A new acronym

I saw the term 'CFNM' in someone's profile the other day (I'm such a profile snooper, if you're anywhere near me, I'm looking at yours) and, being a naive country girl I didn't know what it meant.  After a little research I discovered it means Clothed Female Naked Male: quite a popular fetish as it turns out, and something I use a lot in my photos.  There's something sexy and empowering about a strong woman next to a naked, vulnerable man.  Here are some examples by photographer Mario Testino: